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 70 Warrior Cevasti

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PostSubject: 70 Warrior Cevasti   70 Warrior Cevasti Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2008 6:58 pm

Name: Cevasti

Age: 23

Country: Sweden

Previous experiences (raids/how long have you played?)
I have been playing since...hmm, maybe 2 years? 105 days playtime (i know its geeky) Razz
Raided MC, BWL, AQ20/40, Naxx andd all other good old raiddungenons. =)
Havent been rading since expansion due to my work that soon will be over and im looking for a way back to raiding =)

Do you know anyone in the guild?
Chilliroffe, Quad, qex, Glennino, Articus...IRL mates with all of em

Are you willing to Respec to suit raid purposes?
Im Arms warr now but can respecc if needed, was MT many times back in the old days before the expansion in MC, BWL AQ20/40 Naxx and so on...

Attuned to Karazhan?

When can you play/raid
For a few weeks more i will be busy with my job but after that when ever you want me to Smile

Tell us a little about yourself (nothing much.. just to get a personal feel)
Andreas from Kumla, work in the Army...need to know anything more?

And i read the template, that should be enough for joinin! Razz
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70 Warrior Cevasti
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