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 The Great Thread of Macros!

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The Great Thread of Macros! Empty
PostSubject: The Great Thread of Macros!   The Great Thread of Macros! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2008 3:08 am

My first post!! bounce

I thought it would be nice to have a thread for people to post their useful macros in for all to share What a Face

I'll start with one for use in the Terestian Illhoof fight. It targets the chains to let you nuke them down asap. After the chains die another click will target the pesky little imp that needs killing right after. The third click after impy is dead will target Illhoof so you can lay your pain into his soft, un-imp-protected belly!

/target Demon Chains
/stopmacro [nodead, harm]
/target Kil'rek
/stopmacro [nodead, harm]
/target Terestian Illhoof

My other offering is the shackle macro I use. It sets your current target as your focus and casts shackle on it. You can then switch target to whatever you are DPSing/Healing. When the shackle needs renewing you just click the macro, no need to target your assigned mob. Works really well! If you want to reassign the focus to another mob (eg. when your assigned shackle target is in the process of being killed, but not yet dead, and someone manages to aggro another undead that needs your attention) hold shift with the new mob targed and click the macro.

/cast [target=focus,nomodifier:shift][modifier:shift] Shackle Undead
/stopmacro [target=focus,exists,nodead,nomodifier:shift]
/focus [target=focus,noexists][target=focus,dead] [target=focus,modifier:shift]

I'm fairly sure this macro would work with sheeping for mages. Just replace the 'Shackle Undead' with 'Polymorph' or whatever it's called tongue
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The Great Thread of Macros!
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