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 Heroic instances

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Heroic instances Empty
PostSubject: Heroic instances   Heroic instances Icon_minitimeWed Jan 23, 2008 2:52 pm

It would be great if there were a regular base of people willing to do heroic instances at a regular basis to gear up for both Karazhan and Zul Aman. As we noticed, our tanks and healers doesnt have enough gear to withstand the mobs in Zul Aman Sad

There wont be a raid every night so try to spend those days on gear but dont make playing WoW into a job, thats not the thought cat
But feel free to take a break from the Battle Grounds to join up with your guildies you maybe havent played with yet to get to know them ingame and maybe as a person as well. It would also benefit us in the raids if we all know each others play styles.

I will try to arrange some sort of guild event every night at 19:00 server time

PS: dont listen to Silentscream, he's usually full of crap and ninjas every loot Razz

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Heroic instances
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